The 10 Most Hated Television Characters of All Time

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Wondering which are the ten most hated television characters of all time? The TV industry is a huge one, extremely successful, and indeed a multi-million dollar one. Expansive TV shows with elaborate plots and large casts are common these days, and we get used to seeing new ones every season. Yet not every TV series hits the mark and remains on the air for long. Moreover, some are more profitable than others, with higher advertising revenues. We have made a list featuring the Top 10 Most Profitable TV Shows. So if you were wondering how certain top shows are doing, check out our countdown and find out!

The world of television production is vast, and TV series from all different countries and genres bring an eclectic mix of characters to the screen. Some TV shows have become famous because of their plot, some have made history because of their amazing actors, and some will always stay on our mind due to their hateful characters. This time we’ve brought to you some of the most hated television characters of all time.

While some are reviled by design, and indeed how hated they are can be seen as a triumph, others are hated for all the wrong reasons, either because their character was just plain unintentionally annoying, or the actor or actress did a poor job in the role. We’ve included both kinds of the most hated television characters of all time in our countdown.

Here then is our list, featuring some of those TV characters which made you just want to change channels or throw your remote at the screen. Check it out!


No. 10 Robert Barone

TV SeriesEverybody Loves Raymond

Portrayed by: Brad Garrett

Almost everyone who’s ever watched this series slightly hates Robert Barone. This character, a lieutenant on his 40s, is so annoying next to the lovable Raymond that it sometimes makes you want to turn the TV off!

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