The 10 Most Expensive Golf Clubs Ever Sold

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Have you ever wondered which are the most expensive golf clubs ever sold in the world? Drivers, irons, woods, hybrids, wedges, putters… the world of golf clubs is vast, exclusive and rather complicated. Moreover, if you play the sport, you also have to think about the rest of your equipment necessities: balls, bags, tees, head covers, gloves, shoes and even the right sportswear.

All of these needs are why golf is one of the most expensive sports in the world to play. And without a doubt, the most expensive part of your equipment are the collection of clubs you bring into battle with you against the vile holes, water, and bunkers lying in wait for you around every corner of the course. The high income bracket of many players, and their desire to have the very best equipment has created an industry where the most exclusive and limited pieces can cost a fortune.

Golf is a tricky sport that requires patience, perseverance and concentration. For a reduced group of gifted individuals this sport can become more than just a recreational hobby for the weekend; it can provide a professional career. In fact, golf is a very profitable sport. Just check out our list on the 15 Highest-Earning Golf Players in the World and find out who the pros are that can actually afford the clubs on this list. We also published another article about the 5 most expensive golf clubs on the market right now.

Let’s take a look now at the countdown and find out which are the most expensive golf clubs in the world.


10. Maruman Majesty Prestigio Driver

The first golf club on our list is not as expensive as the ones yet to come. This driver, with a fullerene titanium head and tungsten weights, costs $2000. Maruman is widely known in the golf manufacturing business for their highly regarded clubs; in fact the Japanese company used to be a major sponsor of the professional golf tour of that country.

$2,000 isn’t too bad, but hold on to your hats, because the prices are about to skyrocket from here as we continue to countdown the most expensive golf clubs in the world.

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