The 10 Most Expensive Clothing Stores in the United States to Get Decked Out At

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Curious about what the most expensive clothing stores in the United States are? If you are among the richest 1% of Americans, then you might have visited one of these shops on occasion, or may even be a regular customer. For everyone else however, these stores remain hidden in plain sight, with few daring to enter these very exclusive and pricey businesses. Those who do wander inside, captivated by the amazing display of luxurious apparel, tend to leave in a hurry once they take a glance at the price tags.

If fashion and apparel is a topic of your interest, you might have already seen our list on the top 7 most expensive clothing brands. At the most expensive clothing stores in the United States, you surely won’t have much trouble finding these, along with other high quality brands that cater to the rich and famous. Remember, we are not talking about your regular high-end stores here, but rather top-notch fashion havens, where star designers make their presence felt and mass-produced items never make it to the shelf.

Setting yourself apart from the crowd can usually only be achieved by acquiring merchandise from stores such as these and exclusivity naturally has a steep price. Yet what would the wealthy do with their cash if they couldn’t show it off? And what better way to do it than through clothing and accessories, which the most expensive clothing stores in the United States offer in abundance.

Despite what many may think, luxury apparel is not only something that lies in the interest of the rich. After all, the best designers in the world are rewarded handsomely for their masterpieces, which those of you interested in fashion might have dreamt of wearing some day. So whether you are part of the wealthiest 1% of Americans, or simply love the fashion industry, the following list of the most expensive clothing stores in the United States is bound to captivate your attention.

10. Alexander McQueen, New York

A visit to this store, owned by fashion designer Alexander McQueen, will cost you around $1,847 per visit, making it one of the most expensive clothing stores in the United States.

9. Savannah, Santa Monica

If you are in Santa Monica, California and want to spend around $1,970 in a single shop in one day, Savannah is just the right spot. Some of the brands available in this store are Balenciaga, Caroline di Marchi, Celine, Dries van Noten, Jean Paul Knott, Jil Sander, Lanvin and Myriam Schaefer.

8. Blake, Chicago

You will spend at least $2,000 at Blake if you intend to buy clothes from designers such as Roland Mouret, Mary Katrantzou or Thomas Wylde. This store is known for its sexy, fun, and very innovative apparel.

The fashion only gets more exclusive and expensive from here, as we unveil the seven most expensive clothing stores in the United States.

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