The 10 Largest Container Shipping Companies in the World

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From fuel, to clothes, to electronics and just about everything in-between, we rely on the largest container shipping companies in the world to bring to transport massive quantities of goods from distant shores to our own. Many people likely think of the world’s oceans as vast expanses of empty waves, yet the reality is that thousands of these massive ships are plying the earth’s waters daily, and some of the most popular sea routes are heavily trafficked as a result.

Which are the largest container shipping companies in the world who are responsible for these large scale  transportation of goods? The answer is in the article! Actually, it is difficult to get proper information on container ship capacities as the companies like to keep it a trade secret, and the capacity may be several thousand twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) higher. The collective TEU of the world’s many shipping operations is the factor we’ve used to rank them, providing us with this list of the ten largest container shipping companies in the world.

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