The 10 Friendliest Countries in the World

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Have you ever wondered which countries are the friendliest countries in the world? Every traveler knows they can’t expect the same welcome at every place they visit. There is no doubt some countries have a better reputation regarding their relationship with tourists and visitors than others, or are just friendlier in general.

A bad reputation regarding friendliness undoubtedly affects a city or country’s appeal to tourists, so it’s not surprising that places considered as being touristic destinations have generally developed polite manners for receiving foreigners.  It is after all, an important factor for the development and continued growth and appeal of their tourism industry. Furthermore, when choosing a spot to visit, people usually get informed about the country’s customs, manners and traditions. Sometimes, travelers prefer comfort and places that can assure them a relaxing vacation, although some other travelers are more adventurous, and may actively decide to visit places that are off the standard touristic radar, or that could even be considered poor tourist choices.


Countries differ vastly, but it is interesting to take into account, when traveling, the quality of life a particular nation has. A particular country’s quality of life helps evaluate the well being of the individuals constituting its population. And quality of life levels, furthermore, often influence the “friendliness” of a country. Although a warm-welcoming tradition is not only affected by quality of life, the overall well-being of the population is indeed an important factor. Measured with the Human Development index, which indicates income, life expectancy, and education, we have compiled a list featuring the Top 20 Countries With The Best Quality of Life. The list includes places such as New Zealand, Germany, The Netherlands and The United States.

Now though, we wanted to present you a list with the friendliest countries in the world. Just in case you were planning a trip, this information could definitely come in handy. How have we compiled this data? Well, taking a look at the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, produced annually by The World Economic Forum, we can see how locals perceive the welcoming of visitors to their homeland. On a friendliness scale from 1 to 7, each country’s population self-rated how they believe tourists are treated in their country. While such self-rating has to be taken with a small grain of salt, it should ultimately give a fairly accurate model of how friendly people believe their country is.

According to those results, we have compiled this list featuring the ten friendliest countries in the world. Check it out and find out which countries should be included on your “traveler wish list”!

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