The 10 Fastest Growing Companies in America

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Would you like to know what the ten fastest growing companies in America are, and gain some insight into what they’re doing, and the factors leading to their massive growth? If you are more interested in growth than in revenue and profits, the following list might be just want you were looking for. Instead of presenting the largest firms, we decided to seek out those businesses that have grown the most over the past few years. These companies stand out due to their huge expansion rates, which is always a good sign of their success.

Whether the ten fastest growing companies in America have managed to reach this point due to innovation, great marketing schemes or minor changes in their chain of production, the growth rates they have achieved are stunning. Of course most of these firms are relatively small in size. Much like businesses that are just starting out, small companies can achieve exponential growth if they suddenly become successful. Large firms on the other hand must face the same challenge as strong national economies: they generate huge streams of revenue, yet can only grow slowly due to the fact that their products have already penetrated the market, thus leaving little room for improvement. In contrast, the ten fastest growing companies in America are currently enjoying their honeymoon-phase, much to the pleasure of their owners.

You might have already read one of our previous articles on the ocean’s 10 biggest shipping companies, in what was an attempt to seek out those firms that are not very well known, despite their success. The following list is meant to continue in that direction, making you aware of some businesses that deserve a lot more recognition than they currently receive. So let’s take a closer look at the ten fastest growing companies in America and see how they have managed to become so successful.

10. Go Energies

With a stunning growth rate of 16,006%, Go Energies is currently considered one of the fastest growing firms in the country. By introducing software into the family business of gasoline stations, Phil Dorroll managed to make his firm that much more successful.

9. Vacasa

Despite generating revenue of only $26.3 million, Vacasa’s 3-year growth rate of 16,192% is amazing. The vacation rental company, which also manages properties, achieved this by introducing a rate optimization software into their business that treats the homes they rent as a commodity, updating prices on a constant basis.
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8. Plexus Worldwide

Putting great emphasis on recognizing employees for their work, Plexus Worldwide has managed to grow 16,457% over the past three years. The weight-loss product sales company has done so by expanding the amount of sales ambassadors in their ranks significantly.

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