The 10 Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy in the World

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When looking at the countries with the highest life expectancy, a number of notable factors become apparent across each of the regions and cultures that make up the list; factors which are likely contributors to the lengthy lifespans of their citizenry. The number one factor is almost certainly diet, with those countries that eat well and healthily tending to rank very highly on the list. Other prominent factors include a clean water supply and the general prosperity of the country.

These are just a few of the factors among the many of course. Countries with a good health care system, low rates of violence and less poverty are also more likely to have a higher life expectancy. Cleaner countries also tend to rank higher, providing a major advantage for their citizens compared to countries with high levels of pollution.

Countries in Asia and Europe hold many of the top ranks in our list of The World’s 15 Healthiest Countries in the world, with an average lifespan of between anywhere from 80-84 years. Our newest list looks at the countries with the highest life expectancy in the world, giving us an intimate glimpse into the social and economic dynamics that lead to long life. Let’s begin the countdown and see what we can draw from it in an effort to improve our own lives and cultures.


10. Italy

Life expectancy at birth (Years) – 81.86

Factors such as low infant mortality, healthy diet, sufficient water, and nutritious food supply are some of the reasons Italy lands in the top ten of our list. Good sanitation and the third best health care system in the world are also major contributing factors.

9. Australia

Life expectancy at birth (Years) – 81.90

Australia’s prosperous lifestyle with a healthy diet and good environment bumps up the average lifespan of their people. Although recent research predicts a fall in their life span because of factors like smoking, obesity, and poverty, they are currently the ninth longest-lived people in the world.

8. Hong Kong

Life expectancy at birth (Years) – 82.12

Due to the well balanced and healthy diet maintained by the people of Hong Kong, rates of cancer, heart disease and obesity are quite low, granting them long life as a result.

7. Guernsey

Life expectancy at birth (Years) – 82.24

At number seven is Guernsey. The fact that this country is extremely wealthy is what makes this country a part of our list of the ten countries with the highest life expectancy. The country’s low tax rate allows it to provide its people with the best nutrition and medical care to maintain a healthy and long life.

6. Andorra

Life expectancy at birth (Years) – 82.50

An average Andorran follows a Mediterranean diet with less meat and lots of plants and fish. Good exercise, which comes naturally from walking up and down the Andorran hills, is another reason for the long life and good health of even its oldest citizens.

The five countries with the highest life expectancy can be found on the following pages. Can you guess which country tops the list?

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