The 10 Best-Paying Jobs in America (2014)

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What are the best paying jobs in America in 2014? If you are constantly short on cash or simply want to make enough money to live in one of  the 10 most expensive real estate cities in America, then maybe switching jobs might be the option. The question remains, what jobs come with the best salaries and how can one get the desired position? Well, one thing is certain: education is the key.

Yet a simple college education is sometimes not enough to land the best-paying jobs, where advanced studies are required and specific knowledge is highly valued. The good news? If you already have a college degree, further specialization is right around the corner and it could really be worth reaching for!

Especially for lawyers and doctors, all that hard work is bound to pay off, as the following list of the 10 best-paying jobs of 2014 in America will demonstrate. Yet there are also other options to explore and a closer look at the following employment options might just lead you in the right direction.

10) Best Paying Jobs: Attorney

In 2014 an attorny will make an average of $113,530 a year, allowing lawyers to position themselves amongst the 10 best-paid in the USA. Despite what you might know from movies or TV shows, these guys don’t spend their time defending on trial law, but rather on managing business contracts and corporate deals.


9) Best Paying Jobs: Podiatrist

Feet might not be sexy, but earning $116,440 a year by taking care of people’s feet sounds quite good. Apart from a healthy salary, experts project an industry growth of 23% over the next eight years, meaning job opportunities are abundant.


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