The 10 Best Islands to Visit in 2019

Around the world there are so many wonderful places that it is impossible not to please particular tastes. It does not matter if they are great mountains, active volcanoes, dream lakes, great metropolises, pyramids, vast deserts, perpetual snow or places concentrated in nightlife.

Everything can be found at different points of our vast and wonderful planet. But, if the preference focuses on finding a paradisiacal destination, beach, sand, sun, relaxation and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere; exciting activities related to water are sought; and there is also an attraction for the natural and romantic places, then a key decision must be made: put the mind in white … think of an eternal blue … and go to the Caribbean Sea!

The Caribbean Sea is that zone that extends from the north of South America to the east of Central America. It is one of the largest seas in the world, open in the Atlantic Ocean and connected to the Pacific Ocean by the Panama Canal. It is a blue space full of incredible islands where you can spend the dreamed vacations.

Easiest Islands to Get to in Caribbean

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The islands of the Caribbean

The islands of the Caribbean are a set of thirteen islands, many of which have other small islands and cays. For that reason they are classified into large, medium and small islands. Many of these islands belong to continental countries, Venezuela being the largest holder with a total of 15 islands.

With all the diversity that these islands can offer, depending on their geographical location and topography, it is no less true that they have great similarities to each other. Such similarities refer mainly to their beaches, the type of vegetation, the climate, the culinary offer based on their agriculture and the products of the sea.

Most of the beaches are with white sand, with the exception of some black or golden land. The vegetation is abundant thanks to the tropical climate that brings humidity. Its temperatures range between 24 and 36 degrees and the food is distributed among a variety of fish, grains, sugar cane and typical corn.

Of course, not all the fun that can be found in the Caribbean islands is related to nature, but it is also related to culture, commerce and even fun games of chance, with a wide variety of betting houses distributed across all the islands.

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Overview of the most visited islands

In a random way, below you will find a brief overview of the most visited islands of the Caribbean. Most of them, originally inhabited by Arawak Indians, Caribs and Tainos, until the arrival of the various colonizations.

Punta Cana

It is located in the Dominican Republic, in the province of La Altagracia. It has beaches of fine white sand, blue-green color and temperature between 20 and 32 degrees. Special attractions of this island are its tropical forests, like the “Cueva Iguabonita” with different ancient petroglyphs and the natural pool “Hoyo Azul” formed in an immense cliff.


The happy island where they receive you with a “Bombini” in perfect Papiamento. It is located outside the hurricane zone and has areas of desert soil and strange rock formations and huge cacti. In addition to its wonderful turquoise beaches, it offers museums, art galleries and theaters.

Puerto Rico

Also called Borínquen (from the Taíno Borikén) which means “Land of Our Most High and Brave Lord”, it is a paradise with a diversity of ecosystems, forests like the El Yunque rain forest, with its waterfalls, mountains and lakes. In addition, in the “Old San Juan” you will find monuments, museums, and music.


Whose name comes from the Taíno Xaymaca (big place with water), cradle of reggae, it offers in its mountainous terrain, with a small strip of coast, waterfalls, lakes and maritime caves. Catamaran trips and the Bob Marley Museum await your visitors.


It is a paradise that has six reserves of the biosphere. This island offers water sports, hiking in mountainous areas, sand and coral cays, caves and tobacco and cane plantations, and music could not be missed in the “Casas de Trova”.


This island has perfectly paradisiacal beaches and natural parks, both marine and terrestrial. For lovers of sailing, you can rent a boat to fish or go on a catamaran. You can visit “Harbor Island”, a pink cove, also the Pirate Museum and the Hermitage of Padre Jerome to meditate.


t is made up of smooth plains, is the favorite destination for surfing and windsurfing, as well as spearfishing, helicopter rides, hiking and cave exploration or a ride on the Atlantis submarine. And yes, it is the country where Rihanna was born and it is also the cradle of rum.

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This island is different, with fewer beaches, but with an exuberant natural beauty of incredible waterfalls and natural forests. Its park Morne Trois Picons is a world heritage site, it is a tropical forest with volcanic characteristics. It also has the second largest hot springs in the world.


Originally inhabited by the Caribs, Martinique is mountainous and of volcanic origin with short rivers and torrent. It has white sand beaches and other black sand, inlets for diving, hot springs, and you can visit reefs and wild jungles. It has an active volcano, the Montaigne Pelée. And you cannot miss the “Schoelcher Library”, brought to the island, by pieces, from France.

Trinidad & Tobago

On its white sandy beaches you can snorkel surrounded by a coral reef and the remains of galleons. It has large desert areas.

This island has museums, parks, a zoo, a botanical garden that has more than 200 species of orchids and, among mangroves, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary (scarlet ibis) with its exciting fire color. And if you enjoy the unforgettable carnival, you will not miss the one in Brazil.

10 islands, 10 possibilities that can not be missed

Sinful would be to give up all those wonders that contain enjoyment for couples, families, children and seniors. There, in each of these islands, it is easy to disconnect from the routine and tensions and, as an additional gift, their environments show us the wonderfulness of our world, inviting us to be more careful with the planet earth.