Tearing You Apart: 6 Bad Habits That Ruin Relationships

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Romance is a wonderful thing that can lift our spirit and make our days more enjoyable, but we all have bad habits that ruin relationships over and over again. As we stated in an earlier article on the 7 habits that kill your productivity, it’s not a matter of being “better” at relationships, but rather of avoiding bad habits. If we aren’t careful, we can easily find ourselves indulging in negative attitudes that create tension with our partner, making us drift apart.


Some bad habits have existed for centuries, but the internet era brought along some additional complications when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships. While the twenty something’s flip through partners quicker than any previous generation, divorce rates also continue to increase. Today, only three out of ten marriages stand the test of time, according to the Gottman Institute.

The reasons for partnerships dissolving are extremely diverse, but there are several bad habits that undoubtedly push them to the edge. Cheating, lying and jealousy will likely destroy the love between two people, but there are also many small daily habits that will turn a once-burning flame into smoldering ashes.

So, take a look at these six bad habits that ruin relationships and see for yourself if you’re guilty as charged.

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