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SwissRealCoin Promises a Stable Cryptocurrency Backed by Swiss Real Estate (
Liquidity and volatility are two issues that dog almost every blockchain technology startup and cryptocurrency, which is why “stablecoins” are becoming popular. Backed by gold, oil, fiat, and other, more established currencies, assets, and utilities, stablecoins offer an interesting alternative to regular cryptocurrencies. Today, SwissRealCoin (SRC) has announced its estate-backed cryptocurrency platform, which enables access to Swiss real estate value for investors around the world. By backing the coin with real estate, SwissRealCoin hopes to provide a more stable option.

How DasCoin Plans to Bring Equality to the Cryptocurrency Industry (
Here is how DasCoin is working to make the cryptocurrencies trade a level-playing field for all-from its own senior staff to the cryptocurrency newbie out there. In the recent times, if you wanted to invest in digital currency but were not a technologically-oriented person, you needed to find a brilliant tech professional to do the mining for you, or simply buy what they have pre-mined. That is just how Bitcoin, and most altcoins, currently operate. Some people feel such a system is skewed in favor of tech professionals.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Pixabay/Public Domain

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase and Barclays Team Up (
Big changes are on the horizon for one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinbase has opened an account with Barclays, the U.K. bank and multinational financial services company, according to a report by The arrangement has been described as the first partnership between a major bank in the U.K. and a large cryptocurrency exchange. In the short term, Coinbase believes that the partnership will help improve customer experience by reducing transaction processing times.

DAEX Releases its Innovative Blockchain White Paper, a New Clearing Ecosystem for Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges (
SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DAEX recently released a White Paper on a new distributed ledger and clearing ecosystem. Based on the White Paper, it aims to provide an infrastructure for traditional centralized trading platforms while keeping their core transactional functions. Meanwhile, it avoids the downsides of the purely decentralized Exchanges to ensure a more secure, transparent and credible environment with the high liquidity of digital assets. Most centralized trading platforms are highly exposed to hack attacks and operation risks because they have a full spectrum of business, covering asset auditing, transaction matchmaking, data storage, asset custody, clearing and settlement.

Microsoft Rolls out Large Improvements to Ethereum on Azure (
Blockchain rocketed to popularity last year thanks to Bitcoin, but organizations are using the technology for more than currency. Microsoft is looking to make that easier with Azure, and has rolled out significant improvements to its Ethereum offering. “Today, we are excited to announce significant enhancements to our Ethereum on Azure offering,” says Cody Born, Azure Global software engineer. “These improvements are the first of a series of releases designed to enable production-ready consortium Blockchain networks suited for enterprise scenarios.”