SouFun Holdings Limited (ADR) (SFUN), Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (ADR) (XIN): Can E-House (China) Holdings Limited (ADR) (EJ) Keep It Up?

E-House (China) Holdings Limited (ADR) (NYSE:EJ) was last week’s biggest winner on the New York Stock Exchange, soaring 43% on continuing momentum in China’s red-hot housing market.

E-House (China) Holdings Limited (ADR) (NYSE:EJ) is a provider of real estate agency and information services. There was no E-House-specific news triggering the pop, but the market’s enthusiasm for Chinese real estate plays is building. SouFun Holdings Limited (ADR) (NYSE:SFUN) shares moved 19% higher on the week, but at least there was some news there.

E-House (China) Holdings Limited (ADR) (NYSE:EJ)

JPMorgan had tapped SouFun Holdings Limited (ADR) (NYSE:SFUN) as one of its favorite Internet stocks in China a week earlier.

SouFun Holdings Limited (ADR) (NYSE:SFUN) is an online real estate portal, and anyone who has seen the stateside real estate websites take off this year can probably appreciate a somewhat similar model gaining momentum in SouFun.

As for E-House (China) Holdings Limited (ADR) (NYSE:EJ), its shares have more than doubled since bottoming out earlier this summer. A strong catalyst for its sharp move higher came when it posted blowout quarterly results last month.

Revenue climbed 43% to $163.4 million and adjusted earnings per share nearly doubled to $0.11 a share. Wall Street was dumbfounded, holding out for just $0.06 a share on the bottom line and $135.8 million in revenue. Naturally, E-House (China) Holdings Limited (ADR) (NYSE:EJ) also raised its guidance, now eyeing a 36% pop in revenue for all of 2013.

The news has been encouraging on the housing front in China. SouFun Holdings Limited (ADR) (NYSE:SFUN) — yes, it’s a data collector, too — announced recently that home prices in China had their sharpest rise in August since late last year. E-House — yes, that E-House (China) Holdings Limited (ADR) (NYSE:EJ) — reported that home prices in August were 11% higher than they were in August of last year.

The love isn’t universal. Guggenheim China Real Estate — an ETF investing in Chinese housing players — is trading lower in 2013. Chinese homebuilder Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (ADR) (NYSE:XIN) only rose by a modest 3% on a strong trading week for growth stocks.

The good news for investors is that it’s not too late to hop on E-House’s bandwagon. The stock is trading for less than 20 times this year’s earnings and just 14 times next year’s profit target.

That’s important. I singled out the stock in last month’s 5 Stocks Under $10 column when the shares crossed the $6 mark, and I don’t have a problem recommending it again despite moving more than 40% higher.

Have you seen the market multiples on the faster-growing stateside housing plays? The Chinese real estate market certainly feels frothy. A bubble pop would clear investors out of E-House in a hurry. However, if China’s improving economy continues to justify higher home prices, forget the homebuilders. E-House and SouFun Holdings Limited (ADR) (NYSE:SFUN) are the places to ride this out.

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