7 Most Expensive Foods in the World

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What are the most expensive foods in the World? If you consider yourself a “foodie,” like I do, you will love this list. Below, I’ve enumerated (and described) some of most rare and expensive foods on earth, which range from golden-topped pizzas to $4,200 mangoes.

Once you’ve tried most “regular” dishes in the world, you will want to go for something really special. However, in order to get really unique food, taste once-in-a-lifetime tastes, you will have to dig into your retirement fund, start a very successful company, and get rich fast, or just be one of the Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs.

Wonder how much is a burger cultivated, from stem cells, in a lab? And what about really special white truffles? And, by the way, are they worth it? Or are they just for snobs? Let’s fund out.


Most Expensive Food: Surprise Strawberry Dessert – $3.95 million

Arnaud’s, the largest restaurant in New Orleans, offers a strawberry dessert that costs $3.95 million. But, what are these strawberries made of? Are they golden?

The strawberries are actually not special, although they come in a –pretty special and delicious- marinade of port, red wine, spices and citrus with vanilla ice cream. What’s particular about this dessert is that it comes with a “side” of a 7.09 carat pink diamond ring.


Most Expensive Foods: “The Cultured Beef Burger” – $332,000


This burger was cultivated, by Mark Post, in a lab at Maastricht University in The Netherlands. The meat was grown from stem cells, in the hope of finding a way to face food shortages in the future, while preserving the environment and avoiding massive animal killings.

American author Josh Schonwald and Austrian food researcher Hanni Rützler were the first ones to taste this expensive treat.


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