Shopaholics Rejoice: The 12 Biggest Malls in the World

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Have you ever wondered where the biggest malls in the world are, and just how many stores they contain? If so, you are going to love this list, and may just find yourself a great new spot to plan a trip around. After all, we all love shopping, don’t we? We work hard for our money, and it feels great to have that to spend on something nice for ourselves. Sometimes we don’t even know what we want, or would like to find something outside of things we would normally look for, and what’s better for that than getting into a marvelous shopping mall and just walking through its myriad halls and stores?


Ever since the first traders started gathering in markets and open places, setting up grand bazaars, shoppers have had the chance to find what they need, and all in one place. The shopping experience since the times of the street markets has developed enormously, and gained a great jolt during the 20th century with the surge of mass society, urban concentration, increased wealth and disposable income for the middle and even lower classes in first-world societies, and the increased culture around shopping and consumerism (for good or ill) that has resulted.

Over the past decades, the shopping mall fever started spreading all over the world, and diverse innovations such as escalators and large elevators have encouraged the development of greater and greater shopping centers. Moreover, outlet malls, focused on selling discounted products, have also gained a great reputation. Some of The Biggest Outlet Malls in the World are spread across the world from the San Francisco, U. S-based “Jeremy’s”, up to Tuscany, Italy’s, “The Mall”.

Now, taking a look at some of the most amazing shopping malls in the world, we’ve listed the 12 biggest malls in the world for you. Despite what you might be thinking, western society has been left far behind compared to some of the incredible shopping malls that have been developed in the Asian and Arab world. Some of these locations have more than 500,000 m² of space and host more than 500 stores in most cases. Check out our list on the biggest malls in the world and find out about these incredible places!

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