Rising Stars: The 6 Best Silicon Valley Startups

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With so many new companies starting in California over the past few years, we got to wondering, which are the best Silicon Valley startups?

With the economy rebounding in a big way in recent years, startups have become all the rage again. From the entertainment world to organic food-based companies, funding for new ideas has rarely been this plentiful. Many people prefer trying to work at a startup as opposed to a powerful corporation. This can be for a variety of reasons, including potential equity offered by startups as well as a smaller, more personal work environment. If you think a small company might be for you, be sure to check out our list of the 20 best small tech companies in the US.

So, for making this list, how do we define ‘best’? Well, best represents a number of factors. The amount of money the startup has raised definitely matters, but other determinants such as the startup’s trajectory and popularity matter as well. Moreover, company size is important to note as well. People tend to prefer to work at startups that have a smaller work environment and provide ample room for growth.

As well, this list is limited to Silicon Valley. While there are great companies beginning across the nation, Silicon Valley is home to more startups than any other region in the world. With so many young professionals looking to start their careers, let’s take a look at some of their choices by ranking the best Silicon Valley startups.

6. Firebase

Firebase is a startup that is designed to help people build apps without terribly slow and overbearing servers. The concept is more or less akin to a dropbox for application development. The company raised more than $7 million within the first year of its launch and continues to get funding from major players such as Flybridge Capital Partners. With a company size of 11 employees and a stated desire to continue to grow and expand that team in the near future, Firebase is one of the best startups in Silicon Valley.

The 6 Best Silicon Valley Startups

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