Rappers With a College Degree

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The hip hop scene is known for promoting street credibility as one of its central values, but these rappers with a college degree prove that talent and knowledge certainly complement each other. From business administration to graphic design, the skilled Emcee’s on this list cracked the books in the past, completed college with a degree, and then dedicated their lives to the craft of rapping, becoming the most successful masters of the genre.

If you’re curious to know just how much money you can earn in the rap game, then check out our compilation of the world’s richest hip hop artists. However, this article is about brains and academic standards, and about combating the stereotype that you need to be a high school dropout in order to become a famous rapper. So, without further ado, these are some of the rappers with a college degree.

6. Ludacris

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Ludacris attended Georgia State University under his real name – Christopher Bridges – in order to get his degree in Music Management. And it seems his college says were put to good use, as he proceeded to release 8 albums, several No.1 hits, and starred in films like Crash and Fast and the Furious.

5. Chuck D

One of the original members of the hip hop pioneers Public Enemy, Chuck D became one of the biggest names in the rap game throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Considering the groups lyrical contents, which addressed issues like cultural empowerment and social discrimination, it shouldn’t be surprising that more than one member went to college. In Chuck D’s case, his school of choice was Adelphi University, where he earned a degree in Graphic Design.

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