Ralph Lauren Corp (RL) Pioneers a 4D Fashion Show: Andrew Ross Sorkin

Fashion Industry’s luxury end giant, Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL) has awestruck the public with its latest 4D fashion show. CNBC‘s Andrew Ross Sorkin reported on the story.

Ralph Lauren Corp

It was a fashion show like no other. Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL), which is based in New York, put on a 4D fasion show on Monday night in the middle of the lake in New York’s Central Park, according to Sorkin. Water was being sprayed on the hologram which could be seen from all possible angles owing to its 4D dimension.

Thousands of people attended this show which took place after 9.00 pm. Sorkin also said that Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL) repeated this adventure of sorts on Wednesday as well. Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL) had actually filmed the entire fashion show before putting it as a hologram in the middle of Manhattan in Central Park.

The spectacle definitely caught the public eye as Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL) introduced the magical element in its exhibition. Innovation, is something that the fashion industry thrives on. With several new products being launched every season, the industry thrives on creativity.  For a luxury end company like Ralph Lauren, which has products ranging from clothing, footwear, jewellery, fragrances and house wares, it is important to stay ahead of other businesses in the market.

In order to convince their customers to pay the extra premium, they have to ensure that they are ‘trend setters’ of the industry. This is certainly not the first time that technology has been used as a tool for innovation in fashion, but for a fashion show of this scale and grandeur it certainly is.

Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL), which has brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Ralph Lauren Black Label, Rugby, Chaps and Double RL  has definitely set the bar high for its competitors.

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