Movies You Must See Before You Die

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The film industry produces millions of new cinematographic stories every year, but there are a handful of movies you must see before you die. From black and white terror thrillers, to epic historic dramas and imaginative fantasy sets with magical creatures, the spread of must-see movies is vast. And while film taste is as diverse as human beings, we can all agree on the fact that some visual and theatrical creations simply can’t be ignored as masterpieces.

Much like the top 10 places you must see in Europe before you die, this list features 10 movies that will change your perspective on cinema and fiction altogether. Whether you’re a film buff or not, these award-winning stories should be on everyone’s repertoire for their cult status and commercial impact. So, here’s our list of movies you must see before you die.

10. Chinatown (1974)

Director: Roman Polanski

One of film noirs masterpieces, Chinatown features a young Jack Nicholson, who takes on the role of a private detective looking into a dark and unsolved crime. With Faye Dunaway as the femme fatale, this movie will leave you in awe at every plot twist and its ending is particularly powerful. A definite must-see thriller.

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