Most Expensive Vacations in the World

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Have you ever wondered how much money you would need to take the most expensive vacations in the world? Well, this list will give you a few options to choose from, as we compiled some of the most outrageously expensive vacation destinations and luxury perks on this planet, just to showcase how much money really can buy. From paradise islands to high-end ski resorts and castles overlooking the sea, the richest of the rich sure know how to travel.

Last month, we published an article on the most amazing 7 star hotels in the world, which featured starter prizes of around $10,000 a night. Similarly, many of the vacation spots on our list have a lot to offer in terms of luxury, activities, and landscapes, but also charge accordingly. With lodging that starts at $1,000 per day, you’ll be in for a real sensational treat. So let’s see what the most expensive vacations in the world look like and how much you’ll need to afford them.

8. Cayo Espanto – Belize

Considering all the perks that come with this island’s offer, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s overpriced. A real value for money situation, this miniscule four-acre island is located just off Belize’s mainland and offers one of the most valuable commodities today: privacy. For $1,295 per night you can rent one of 7 available villas and for $11,000 gather some friends and rent the entire island! The all-inclusive package features a personal chef, personal dive master, butler and all the pampering you can imagine.


7. Frégate Island Resort – Seychelles

For the nature lovers looking for a tropical paradise, this is probably one of the best options. Frégate is one of Seychelles jungle-covered, white beach islands. Not only is its landscape truly abashing, with giant tortoises and banyan trees everywhere, but the resort also offer a deluxe luxury deal to tourists. 2,700 Euros will guarantee you one of 17 villas for one night, as well as the additional daytime activities like windsurfing and hiking.

Most Expensive Vacations

6. Queen Mary 2

Some people prefer to stay mobile during their vacation and opt for the luxuries of a cruise ship. And this 1,132 feet long cruiser has everything the heart desires. For $3,955 you can rent a suite aboard the Queen Mary 2, which features 10 restaurants, a casino, six swimming pools, a pub, a theatre and the largest ballroom at sea – the Queens Room. An additional perk: this ship holds the only planetarium at sea.

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