Most Expensive Nursing Homes in the US

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Have you ever wondered what the most expensive nursing homes in the US have to offer their aged inhabitants? Well, while retirement homes have always been associated with the elderly and their inability to provide comfort and care for themselves, these nursing homes paint an entirely different picture. Golf courses, health spas, boat excursions, swimming pools, and weekly dinner parties are only some of the amenities offered to the wealthy community of retirees.

In a recently published article we shed some light on the 10 cities with high demand for nurses, amongst which were New York City and Los Angeles. Surrounding these locations are also some of the most expensive nursing homes in the US, which usually require all sorts of caretakers for their staff. In fact, with 8,000 people in the US turning 60 every day, the retirement home business is a solid investment for the future, as this number will continue to grow. However, let’s look at our compilation of pricey nursing homes and discover how much money we really need to live a golden life at a golden age.

7. The Village at Sherman Oaks Senior Living Community, California

Price: $4,600 per month

It would be expected that retiring in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in California is a convenient situation. But the Village, which has been compared to a luxury hotel, offers more than mere convenience: fitness classes, a library, an over-sized pool, fine dining options, and a spa make this nursing home a well-rounded choice for middle-upper class senior citizens.

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