Most Expensive Day-Care in New York City

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Preschool education is a must and the most expensive day-cares in New York City pull out all the stops to ensure their students get the best possible skill set at an early age. But how much tuition are upper class parents willing to pay for an exclusive preschool and what makes these schools so outstanding? Well, for one, many offer highly developed curriculums that include a wide range of activities like learning to play an instrument, foreign language lessons, mathematics, and cooking. The science behind this high-expectation strategy is to create a competitive advantage for these children in their future school careers, as well as in college.

However, as prestigious and popular as these day-cares are, the admission process is extremely strenuous and stressful, especially for the parents. Much like the 10 most expensive boarding schools in the world, which we presented in a previous article, the applying children go through personal interviews, school tours, and standardized admission tests. And in many cases, parents are required to present references supporting their kids’ many talents or abilities, in order to land one of the few open spots. So, let’s take a look at the crème de la crème of toddler education, the most expensive day-care in New York City.

7. Grace Church School

Annual tuition: $39,200

Located on 4th Avenue, this beautiful church house educates Junior Kindergarten classes by the standards of racial openness and world peace. A traditional East Coast establishment, this day-care is associated with New York’s Episcopal Grace Church, religious home to some of the wealthiest families in the big apple. A peculiarity is the school’s Peace Marches, which it stages regularly in favour of racial diversity.

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