Most Expensive Apartments in New York City

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It’s a known fact that life in the big apple can be a financial struggle, but how much cash do you need to live in the most expensive apartments in New York City? The priciest homes are without a doubt penthouse apartments overlooking Central Park, situated in some of the most luxurious buildings in town. And while the most expensive real estate listings also feature incredible town houses, like the Charles Ogden Mansion on East 79th Street – with 16,000 square feet, stretched over seven stories, and a price tag of $51 million – we’ll be focusing specifically on luxury apartments in this list.

New York City is one of the 10 most expensive cities to rent in the world, and you can compare it to other metropolitan landscapes in one of our previously published articles. But it’s also known for hosting astronomical real estate prices. Are you curious to see how much millionaires are willing to spend for a home in the big apple? Then take a look at our list of the most expensive apartments in New York City.

7. Time Warner Center Penthouse

Price: $68 million

Location: 25 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

It’s hard to believe that this apartment’s price was reduced after sales difficulties, but with so many new luxury homes on the market, competition is stiff, even amongst the richest of the rich. However, the Penthouse 78 is bound to be sold soon, given its prime location on Columbus Circle, overlooking the entire Central Park.

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