Mixing It Up: The 14 Best Music Mashups of 2014

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Take some of the best DJ’s in the world, some old tunes, and some top-notch songs that climbed the charts this year, mix it all together and what do you have? The best music mashups of 2014. But what classifies as a good mashup? In my opinion, a quality mashup dissects several songs and fuses them back together, altering the rhythm and beat of the original tracks to form an entirely new one. The key is to stagger one song into the other without interrupting the melodic flow.


Now some may declare themselves enemies of the mashup, arguing that the original song is always better because it’s composed to convey a certain emotion or concept. However, a few weeks ago we published an article on the 20 best remixes of popular songs that will make you forget the originals that could easily disprove that notion. My main argument here is that a remix doesn’t necessarily alter the spirit of the song, but to the contrary, can enhance it significantly.

The best music mashups of 2014 do precisely that. By re-interpreting and re-arranging the original melodies of songs like James Brown’s “I Feel Good”, Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”, or Notorious B.I.G’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems”, the following list of DJ’s managed to showcase the most essential aspects of each song and reinforce them by adding a second, third, or fourth lyrical composition. So I invite you to open your ears and soul and get ready to experience some of the truly best mashups of the year.

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