Mike Bartholomew Shares 5 tips to Help Budding Entrepreneurs Dominate the Business World

With top advertising companies like WPP Plc (NYSE:WPP), Publicis Groupe, and others helping businesses expand their reach with marketing and public relations, entrepreneurs have realized the role social media and PR play in any company’s success. Entrepreneur and social media expert Mike Bartholomew helps aspiring entrepreneurs to make it big in the advertising world:

Mike is dedicated, dedicated to raising the bar in every single venture that he undertakes. This dedication has seen him giving the Midas touch to countless brands and lighting up their social media. Through his guidance and insight, his marketing company has the proven ability to grow a brand’s social media by thousands of followers in just days.

In a recent conversation, Mike shared tips for budding entrepreneurs to follow and grow.

Mike Bartholomew

Q: Mike, do you think circumstances or someone’s background plays a role in success or failure?

A: I would recommend that you must not let your environment or background dictate your success. You don’t have to be a product of your environment, the place in which you live doesn’t have to hold you back. You can create wealth from anywhere in the world right now, just through the smart use of eCommerce.

Q: What is crucial for decision-making?

A: Take the emotions out of every decision you make. Emotions, whether you’re overly excited or overly fearful, can have a huge impact on your next decision that may potentially hurt your budding business. 

Q: What is the role of the right mindset?

A: Having the right mindset is extremely important. Mindset can build an empire or shut down a massive corporation. The strongest mindset knows that you will never fail if you never quit.

Q: How does patience and procrastination work for entrepreneurs?

A: Don’t be a tomorrow person! Don’t ever let yourself become a tomorrow person; generally, tomorrow never comes. Something will always come up; something will always test your patience and beg you to quit. The ones that win are the ones that do all the things that nobody else wants to do.

Q: How can one overcome fears?

A: Use fear to your advantage. Be fearless when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are fearless. The average person will be fearless living in comfort and working an hourly job if you’re destined for more; this is what you will fear. Trust your fears, and let them work for you.

More than anything, Mike Bartholomew recommends that determination and a willingness to strive and dare to be different in business is how you become a part of the 1% club in the advertising space. With his rocketing success within the marketing world and a hugely impressive seven streams of income, Bartholomew is on the fast track to becoming a millionaire by the age of 30, and his advice is priceless.