6 Most Expensive Fruits In The World

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Fruits are such a common part of most peoples diets that one would rarely think about what the most expensive fruits in the world are. After all, while people may blow their budget on things such as vacations, expensive shoes, or even gourmet meals at a fine restaurant, rarely do you hear about someone spending thousands on fruit.

The idea of expensive fruit really took off in Japan, a nation that has introduced things such as a $6 banana to common grocery stores and even offered $20 three-piece strawberry boxes. While those are definitely pricey, the fruits on this list will put those numbers to shame and make those strawberries seem like a bargain.

So what makes certain fruits so expensive? Like many things, it comes down to the rareness and prestige of the fruit. In making this list, we looked at the highest price that these fruits have been sold at to determine the rankings. While there may be a chance you could find them for a cheaper price, this represents the value they’ve definitively commanded on the open market.

Fruit is often used in conjunction with exercise, and to see other foods that serve this purpose, check out our list of the 5 best foods to eat before running. The fruits on this list, however, are almost definitely too expensive to use as pre-workout supplements.

Ready to treat yourself to a fruit salad worth more than a car? Let’s take a look at the most expensive fruits in the world.

6. Ruby Roman Grapes

Most Expensive Fruits In The World

Thirty of these grapes were purchased for a wedding in Japan for $5,400, or $180 per grape back in 2008 and that was seemingly crazy. Yet, in 2011, 25 grapes were sold for $6400, or about $255 per grape. These grapes are red skinned and can weigh up to 20 grams each. Both of these purchases were for weddings, and that seems like one of the few potentially logical times to spend this type of money on grapes…or not.

The most expensive fruits in the world only get more juicy and expensive for me. Head to the next page to check them out.

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