Jim Cramer’s Rock Solid Stock Picks

Jim Cramer’s bullish and bearish stock picks is the starting point for many investments made by these folks. Cramer provided a shopping list of stocks poised to do well in a volatile market, and they should be purchased during the next downturn in order to get a better price.

Jim Cramer

Cramer’s shopping list of rock solid stocks that would provide cushion when everyone else is “running for the exits” performed well compared to the market. Only Honeywell (HON) dropped low enough to reach Cramer’s recommended “buy” levels.

ConEd (ED): ConEd is a utility company that yields 4.5% and has paid dividends for over 36 consecutive years. It’s based in New York, one of the few areas of the country with a stable housing market. The stock currently trades at 15 times earnings.

Verizon (VZ): Jim Cramer praised Verizon’s efforts to remove the costs of operating landlines, because they aren’t making the money they need to justify operations. In light of recent labor problems and strikes, Cramer recommended this telecommunications stock because of its 5.8% yield as well as his belief that Verizon will eventually come out on top of labor struggles. George Soros of Soros Fund Management increased his position by 62% (see more of Soros’ picks).

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