Jim Cramer’s Mad Money Lightning Round August 2

We transcribed Jim Cramer’s Mad Money on Aug 2nd. Cramer talked about his favorite growth stocks in the first part. He interviewed PPG’s CEO Chuck Bunch in the second part. Cramer analyzed Mosaic’s technicals in the third part of his show. Here is the transcript of Jim Cramer’s Lightning Round:

Jim Cramer

Jim: It is time! It is time for the Lightening Round!
You say the name of the stock. I don’t know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time I tell you rather to buy or sell. Play until this sound

Sound Effect: Buzzer

Jim: And then the lightning round is over. Are you ready skee-daddy?

Start with the Lightening Round on Cramer’s Mad Money. Let’s start with Shannon in Colorado! Shannon!

Shannon: Boo-yah! Thank you so much, Jim. You’ve been so helpful.

Jim: Oh, I sure try to be Shannon. It’s one tuff market. How can I help you?

Shannon: What do you think about HCA hold it or sell it?

Jim: Well, I thought the pain would be over, but then these new rules that came down from the Government tells me that if you rely on the government as a payer for your business, which HCA certainly does, you can’t own it right now. I think this one can go still lower. This is a change in the rules that very few saw coming, and I know I didn’t.

Let’s go to Randy in New York. Randy!

Randy: Boo-yah! Jim Cramer!

Jim: Yea liking it.

Randy: Jim, the market is sick we need a Doctor. Can we call you Doctor Cramer?

Jim: Sure. Why not? As long as there’s no malpractice involved.

Randy: Inergy. N-R-G-Y

Jim: Alright. I soured on propane. People are just switching and switching and switching from propane. The Stocks are not working. The natural gas pipelines are working. Propane not working. I think that’s really important. They got to own that. Those have stopped working, I’ve said that. Propane Stocks are difficult if not impossible to own right now.

Let’s go to Bill in Ohio. Bill? Bill! Bill!

Bill: Yes.

Jim: You’re up.

Bill: A boiling hot Boo-yah from the buckeye state!

Jim: Oh, man, more buckeyes. Where’s my little buckeye? I had him here earlier. There he is.

Bill: I want to know about (LO) Lorillard.

Jim: Yea. LO is a good yield but, you know we like growth in yeild. Which is why we like (PM) Phillip Morris. That’s what we’re buying here.

Sound Effect: Buzzer

Jim: No. Let’s go to Will in Oklahoma! Will!

Will: Aye Jim, thanks for taking my call.

Jim: My pleasure.

Will: The Company I want to ask about is Cheniere Energy (LNG).

Jim: Alright. This is a great speculative player on the idea that we would like to export our natural gas because, the government does not recognize that we have so much of it. If president Obama wins a second term, you do not want to own this stock. If you think he’s going to win a second term, you do not want to own this stock. Because, he is not going to back what the company wants to do. He won’t back anything having to do with natural gas.

Let’s take one more. Let’s go to Jonah in Illinois. Jonah?

Jonah: Giving a deep dish Boo-yah here from the windy city out to the fearless leader of great America! Rough, rough day, Jim. How you holding up?

Jim: Very. Very. Rough. Doing my best doing today’s show. Again tomorrow trying to make the most of it. Let’s go to work

Jonah: That’s both of us. Okay, we’ve got Clean Harbor.

Jim: Alright. Clean Harbors (CLH) is the solution. Every time you read about EPA problems with fracing — you think that if they bring in clean harbors, you can buy it. Now, Clean Harbors, like many of these stocks is rolling over. That means you give it a wide berth. You buy a quarter tomorrow, and then you wait for another level. Then you buy a quarter after that. That’s called buying down on a scale. That’s what I emphasize in getting back to even and real money. Buying down on scale is the only safe way to get involved in stocks, other than doing deep in the money calls.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is he conclusion of the lightning round!