Jim Cramer Mad Money Recap (October 18th)

This is the recap for Jim Cramer’s Mad Money on October 18th. On his Mad Money show Tuesday night, Jim Cramer talked a lot about the importance of the fundamentals. Specifically, Cramer discussed why it is important to pay attention to the numbers and not make assumptions. Investments can change by the day, and so can the market. Investors have to adjust their focuses just as quickly to turn a profit.

Jim Cramer

Cramer also discussed the following stocks on Tuesday:

Dollar General (DG): DG is one of Jim Cramer’s favorite stocks. He sees nothing but upside for the discount retailer. DG closed trading Tuesday at $40.04, up 1.83% on the day. Stephen Mandel is a fan of DG. His Lone Pine Capital has more than $548 million in the company after increasing its stake by 3% in the second quarter (see Stephen Mandel’s top picks)

Pandora Media (P): Jim Cramer is calling the stock speculative, but he thinks it is worth 3 or 4 points. Pandora finished trading Tuesday at $15.28 a share, up 0.33% on the day. Analysts estimate the stock could be worth as much as $25 a share within the next year. It has strong quarterly revenue growth, boasting 117.20%.

Peabody Energy (BTU): This is one stock that Jim Cramer is saying hold on. To his mind, coal was been hit too hard to be worth the risk, even if BTU is amongst the best in its sector. On the other hand, BTU is too cheap to sell. The stock was trading at $38.66 late Tuesday, up 2.85% for the day. Jeffrey Vinik’s Vinik Asset Management owns a $58.3 million stake in the company (see Jeffrey Vinik’s top picks)

Boeing (BA): Jim Cramer likes Boeing, or lease he doesn’t have any glaring issues with it. Boeing does have issues with some of its orders being canceled, specifically Dreamliner, but the main reason for Cramer passing on this stock is because he prefers one of its rivals, namely Honeywell. Boeing finished Tuesday 2.74% up on the day, closing at $63.47.

Honeywell International (HON): Jim Cramer heavily prefers Honeywell to Boeing, mainly because Honeywell has both Airbus and Boeing. Honeywell had stronger performance than Boeing, returning 3.42% on the day to close at $49.33 a share. Ken Fisher’s Fisher Asset Management has more than $329.3 million in the company (check out Ken Fisher’s top positions).

Sysco (SYY): Cramer likes the company. He says it “is a fine stock with a good yield.” It finished Tuesday at $26.68, up 2.03% on the day. Jean-Marie Eveillard’s First Eagle Investment Management is a fan. It has more than $516 million invested in SYY.

Kirby (KEX): Cramer says that KEX is a terrific stock. He thinks it will break out soon and is a definite buy. Kirby finished trading Tuesday up 1.99% on the day, to close at $57.80. Chuck Royce, Royce & Associates has more than $156.8 million in KEW.

Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT): Cramer is passing on this stock because it is new and he needs to do his homework on it. He promised to respond at a later date. The stock was up 2.15% on the day, closing trading at $19 a share.

Buckeye Partners (BPL): Cramer didn’t have anything bad to say about Buckeye. After all, it offers a 6% yield. He still wasn’t buying though. He likes MarkWest better. BPL finished trading Tuesday at $66.08 a share, down 0.05% for the day.

MarkWest Energy Partners (MWE): Cramer is a big fan of MarkWest. He has been advocating this stock for a while now. It finished trading Tuesday at $47.09 a share, up 1.9% on the day. MWE has a 6.10% dividend yield and is expected to rise to $53.56 within the next year.

Annaly Capital (NLY): Cramer is also bullish on NLY, saying the company is a “buy, buy, buy.” The stock finished trading Tuesday at $16.03 a share, up 5.6% on the day. Bill Miller, Legg Mason Capital Management s also bullish on NLY. He has more than $66 million of his fund invested in the company.