How to Hack an iPhone Fingerprint Scanner: German Group Claims to Have Succeeded

How to hack an iPhone fingerprint scanner: As expected, the launch of the new iPhone 5S has created commotion amongst the hacking community. Last week, a micro venture capital firm and a group of security researchers offered about $13,000 and other goods (including booze) to the first hacker that could break Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)‘s new fingerprint security system.

Although you might be surprised by such a contest, this is far from unusual in the tech segment. After major product launches, hackers around the world try to find bugs and report them to the manufacturers, so they can fix them before the so called “black hats” (criminal hackers) find and exploit these vulnerabilities.

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Well, apparently the call for hackers to try to break the new iPhone’s security system has been successful. One of the most renowned and respected hacking groups in the world, the Chaos Computing Club (CCC), from Germany, claims to have hacked the Apple iPhone 5S scanner on Sunday, through a fabricated print. In fact, a video of a person breaking into an iPhone 5S has been circulating the web. “The group described how it took a picture of a fingerprint of an iPhone user and then printed it on a transparent sheet, which was later used in creating the ‘fake finger’. The group said that similar methods have been utilized to crack various security measures in the market”.

One of the group’s members stated in a blog post that fingerprints should not be used to secure anything, as they are quite easy to fake.

Two iPhone security experts who had offered a reward for hacking the new security structure say that the CCC’s claims might be true, but have asked for further video proof in order to hand over the prize.

This is not the only security issue that has arisen over the last few days. Apple’s new operating system, iOS 7, has also been violated. Apparently, anyone can easily bypass the lock screen and access to important information stored in the phone, including contacts and messages.

Although the company has acknowledged this last problem, it still refuses to comment on the vulnerability of its new fingerprint scanning technology.

Despite Vulnerabilities, Stock is Still Up

Despite these concerns, Apple shares were up almost 5% yesterday, mainly on the back of record sales for the iPhone 5S during the weekend (9 million units were sold during the first three days following the launch), which led the management to increase its financial forecast for the current quarter. However, as The Wall Street Journal analyst, Rolfe Winkler states, “Investors should be careful, though, not to extrapolate opening-weekend sales strength to future growth rates.”

So, as you might figure, the impact of the unveiled vulnerabilities on sales should be marginal, and should not affect overall financial results. Investors rest at ease, this situation is not a first, and will certainly not be a last one, particularly when it’s concerning how to hack an iPhone fingerprint scanner.

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