Here is How John Paulson Lost $1.6 Billion Today

John Paulson has one of the largest hedge funds in the industry. His 13F portfolio has more than $30 Billion in long U.S. positions. Today John Paulson’s 13F portfolio lost nearly $1.6 Billion mainly because of the huge decline in financial stocks. His loss in Citigroup and Bank of America approached $400 Million. He also lost more than $250 Million because of his bets on energy companies. Here are Paulson’s 15 positions that lost more than $1.25 Billion (you can check out John Paulson‘s latest portfolio):

These calculations assume that John Paulson didn’t change his holdings during the past 4 months. We also don’t know his short positions that might offset these losses. These numbers reflect the losses in his long U.S. positions. We will update John Paulson’s holdings next week to reflect most recent 13F filing.