Hedge Funds Make a Bundle on $SINA

Sina Corporation (SINA) jumped by over 18% Thursday when it shot from $78.48 at close of trading Wednesday to finish the  day at $94.23. Bloomberg reports, “Sina Corp., the owner of the Twitter-like Weibo service in China, rose the most in three months after a senior government official encouraged agencies to use microblogs for information disclosure.” Several hedge funds made a bundle on the increase:


1. Coatue Management – Philippe Laffont: Gained $39.7 million

2. Jat Capital Management – John Thaler: Gained $33.5 million

3. Brookside Capital – Bain Capital: Gained $8.6 million

4. Criterion Capital – Christopher Lord: Gained $8.5 million

5. Tremblant Capital – Brett Barakett: Gained $6.2 million

6. Luxor Capital Group – Christian Leone: Gained $5.2 million

7. Sac Capital Advisors – Steven Cohen: Gained $4.6 million

8. Joho Capital – Robert Karr: Gained $4.0 million

9. Clough Capital Partners – Charles Clough: Gained $3.2 million

10. Crosslink Capital – Seymour Sy Kaufman and Michael Stark: Gained $2.9 million

DISCLAIMER: These calculations assume that these hedge funds did not increase or reduce their stock positions in SINA since the end of June. We did not take into account their option positions.