Hedge Fund and Insider Trading News: Warren Buffett, Dan Loeb, AQR Capital Management, PayMeOn Inc (PAYM), Legacy Reserves LP Unit (LGCY), Telaria Inc (TLRA), and More

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Buffett Says Berkshire Hathaway has Bought Back ‘a Little’ of Its Stock Since Changing Policy (CNBC)
Berskhire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett said the company has bought back some of its shares as it changes the metric it uses to decide when repurchases are a good move. Buffett did not disclose how much stock Berkshire bought back, but he did confirm that he has changed his views. “We bought back a little yeah,” he told CNBC’s Becky Quick during a “Squawk Alley” interview. “We tie it now to intrinsic business value, which we should have done all along but for a while book value was a good proxy. It didn’t fully describe intrinsic value .. it was a reasonable proxy.”

Campbell May Face Proxy War After Sale of International Unit (Bloomberg)
Campbell Soup Co. is divesting its international operations and fresh-food unit, falling short of expectations for a sale of the entire company. Despite pressure from activist investor Dan Loeb to find a buyer amid a three-year sales slump and a sliding stock price, the struggling packaged-food maker will pursue a turnaround plan to ignite soup and snack growth in its key U.S. market, according to a statement Thursday. Campbell is also boosting its cost-cutting target as it tries to slim down. The shares dropped as much 4.5 percent on Thursday, the most in three months.

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Discipline is a Key Reason Why Superstar Investors – Including Buffett and Soros – Are So Successful: AQR (CNBC)
Though Warren Buffett, Bill Gross, George Soros and Peter Lynch hail from different sides of Wall Street, the investing superstars all followed basic rules that helped them succeed, according to AQR Capital Management. In the fifth episode of its new podcast, “The Curious Investor,” AQR said its research revealed that each of them exhibited strict adherence to a select few “factors,” or investment strategies that help account for their stellar outperformance.

Investing Gurus John Overdeck And David Siegel Take the Plunge on Square (SQ) and Amazon (AMZN) Stocks (SmarterAnalyst.com)
Welcome to the world of quant. David Siegel and John Overdeck are two of the founders of the unique, and highly successful, Two Sigma fund. In the second quarter, the billionaires appear to have taken a bullish turn on fintech platform Square (NYSE:SQ) and e-commerce giant Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). “We’re not your typical investment manager. We follow principles of technology and innovation as much as principles of investment management,” states the fund. This means placing great emphasis on tools like machine learning and distributed computing. In fact, the fund was founded on the belief that innovative technology and data science could help discover value in the world’s data.

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