Hedge Fund and Insider Trading News: Tom Steyer, Daniel Och, Netflix Inc (NFLX), Antares Pharma Inc (ATRS), and More

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Iowa Caucus Success for Tom Steyer is to Exceed Expectations (The Gazette)
CEDAR RAPIDS – California businessman Tom Steyer says he plans to spend at least $100 million on his campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Iowans who watch television, listen to the radio or visit social media know much of that has been spent on advertising. However, his campaign manager, Heather Hargreaves, believes the former San Francisco hedge fund manager’s success will be built on personal contact with Iowa caucusgoers. “I think getting Tom in front of more people – specifically Iowans – is the way,” she said. “That is our goal and how we think that we will do well in this race.

Billionaire Dan Och Buys $95 Million Central Park South Apartment (CelebrityNetWorth.com)
One of the most expensive apartments in the history of New York City now belongs to hedge fund billionaire Dan Och, who The Wall Street Journal reports paid some $95 million for it. Och owns a penthouse apartment at 220 Central Park South as well as an additional unit located on a lower floor of the luxury complex which was included in the sale. Och has reportedly relocated to South Florida (due at least in part to significantly lower taxes in the area), but apparently isn’t ready to say goodbye to New York altogether. Now, the plan is for Och and his family to use the spacious apartments whenever they’re in town. When they do, they’ll have plenty of space, since the four-bedroom penthouse spans some 9,800 square feet, and the building includes amenities like private dining rooms, a library, a juice bar, a basketball court, a children’s play area, and even an indoor golf simulator.

Scotiabank Canadian Hedge Fund Index Ends November up 4.8% YTD on Asset-Weighted Basis (Opalesque.com)
Opalesque Industry Update – The Scotiabank Canadian Hedge Fund Index ended November 2019 up 1% MOM on an asset-weighted basis and up 1.62% MOM on an equal-weighted basis. The aim of the Scotiabank Canadian Hedge Fund Index is to provide a comprehensive overview of the Canadian Hedge Fund universe. To achieve this, index returns are calculated using both an equal weighting and an asset-based weighting of the funds. The index includes both open and closed funds with a minimum AUM of C$15 million and at least a 12-month track record of returns, managed by Canadian-domiciled hedge fund managers.


$1 Mln Bitcoin Price Prediction Made by Hedge Fund Manager James Altucher Has Four Days Left (U.Today)
The price of Bitcoin needs to surge 13,788 percent in four days for James Altucher’s prediction to come into fruition. White digressing from new records set by the US stock market, CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla took a jab at the Bitcoin price prediction made by hedge fund manager James Altucher. Quintanilla jokingly tweeted that Altucher had four more days for his forecast to materialize.

The Best Advice on Success from 2019: Leaders at Andreessen Horowitz, Facebook, and Harvard Share their Most Important Tips (Business Insider)
Having a job that requires me to find interesting people is by far the most interesting thing about me. The last 12 months have been no exception. In January, I read a book by the founders of web app company Basecamp and realized why telling your employees they’re changing the world is a terrible idea. I got seriously starstruck meeting entrepreneurs dressed as bananas at the “Shark Tank” casting call in New York City in May. And at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect conference in September, I found out how the organization’s head of sales successfully changed career paths.

20/20 Foresight for Hedge Funds in 2020? (Hedge Week)
By Jim Neumann, Sussex Partners – As the New Year is now almost upon us, it is normal to take pause and consider what is to become of hedge fund allocations in 2020. The rewards of 2019 again seem to pale in comparison to the robust global equity markets roaring at 20 per cent including a robust November (December?). The pendulum of passive versus active remains in motion with the equity market rally easing it towards passive once again. However, the “smart money” ranging from corporate pensions, to family offices, to private banks are continuing to buy into the premise that markets will be less certain as the calendar turns and thus active needs to be (re-)inserted to provide some downside portfolio protection/opportunity capture. Hedge funds are at the forefront of active portfolios and the dual dilemma is will they perform a needed role in 2020 and what strategies should be favored?

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