Hedge Fund and Insider Trading News: Ray Dalio, GoldenTree Asset Management, SkyBridge Capital, ExodusPoint Capital Management, Travel + Leisure Co (TNL), Rite Aid Corporation (RAD), and More

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Hedge-Fund Billionaire Ray Dalio Says Don’t Let Beijing’s Regulatory Actions Scare You Away from Investing in Chinese Stocks (Business Insider)
Billionaire investor Ray Dalio said he isn’t fazed by Beijing’s regulatory crackdown affecting stocks of technology companies such as Didi, arguing the government’s moves don’t signal a reversal of longstanding policy trends. He defended China’s recent move to increase its grip on collection and use of data from all corners of the technology sector. Some Chinese stocks have logged their steepest declines in 2021 in the wake of the government’s clampdown.

Ex-ExodusPoint Hedge Fund Accumulating Staff, Assets (eFinancialCareers)
It’s been a year since we reported that Alessandro Cipollini, a former macro trader at ExodusPoint Capital Management, was launching his own macro fund, Ermitage Capital Management LLP. Twelve months on, sources say he’s been busy hiring. Cipollini declined to comment for this article, but he’s understood to have recruited a handful of senior infrastructure and risk professionals to the new fund, which already has a commitment of $1bn in assets under management and is expected to add a further $400m early next year.

Bitcoin Finds Its Way Into $45 Billion Hedge Fund’s Balance Sheet (ZyCrypto.com)
The list of institutional investors and hedge funds in cryptocurrencies just got a new addition to it. GoldenTree, a hedge fund with over $45 billion under management, has reportedly added Bitcoin to its balance sheet. It was reported that two anonymous sources with knowledge on the development said the New York-based firm has added Bitcoin to its balance sheet as a “diversifier” to its already diversified debt-focused strategies.

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SkyBridge Buys Carbon Offsets to Green Bitcoin Holdings (AP News)
NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SkyBridge Capital (“SkyBridge”) has partnered with MOSS Earth to purchase and immediately retire tokens representing approximately 38,436 tons of carbon—a transaction that offsets the estimated historic carbon footprint of the bitcoin currently held across its products firm-wide, including its multi-strategy funds and the First Trust SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund.

Tuttle Capital Management’s Anti-ARK Fund Is Hardly Impressive (Real Money)
It’s interesting to see a fund go out with an anti-ARK fund. Yes, there’s been a filing by Tuttle Capital Management to track the inverse performance of the Ark Innovation ETF (ARKK) . In a market where shorting has been hunted down like wild, rabid animals, some folks have to think this move is crazy. Surely, the Short ARKK ETF (SARK) will be squeezed, but it may not be that simple. SARK will operate via swap contracts, which is the approach used by most inverse funds on the market. That means someone, somewhere will likely be short some of the ARKK holdings. However, it may be spread across many institutions, and in some cases simply be a hedge against an existing long position for them. In short, no pun intended, any “squeeze” will be more psychological than forced as I see it.

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