Hedge Fund and Insider Trading News: Anthony Scaramucci, Paul Tudor Jones, Marshall Wace, Tiger Global Management, Gordian Capital, Mueller Industries, Inc. (MLI), Snowflake Inc (SNOW), and More

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Those who Do Their Homework End Up Investing in Bitcoin, Scaramucci Says (CNBC)
Hedge fund investor Anthony Scaramucci argues anyone who studies bitcoin carefully and understands the cryptocurrency will be convinced of its potential. “Do the homework on bitcoin, understand what it is,” the founder and managing partner of SkyBridge Capital told CNBC’s “Capital Connection” on Monday. He suggested reading the white paper by the creator of bitcoin, among other materials.

Tiger Global is One of the Largest Shareholders in SoftBank, and the Two are Doing More Mega VC Deals Together, an Insider Says (Business Insider)
Tiger Global and SoftBank Group are frequently portrayed as fierce rivals, two heavyweights with differing investing styles duking it out over competitive startup funding rounds. But increasingly, the two megafunds are pairing up. Tiger and SoftBank have already jointly invested in 37 rounds so far this year, up from 12 in 2020 and six in 2019, PitchBook data compiled for Insider showed.

Hedge Fund Marshall Wace Building Short Position on ASOS Shares (TheArmchairTrader)
Hedge fund Marshall Wace has been spending October slowly building a short position in ASOS (LON:ASC), according to regulatory data (daily FCA short disclosure report). The hedge fund increased its short position in ASOS to 1.32% last week, but it has built that up from 0.67% on 7 October. ASOS has been a favoured short side target with the hedge funds, having hit peaks of close to 8% of stock shorted in early 2016 and again in early 2019. That had slumped to almost zero by the start of 2021 but it looks like ASOS is attracting some more activity.

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Billionaire Investor Paul Tudor Jones Says Bitcoin Is a Better Hedge Against Inflation Than Gold (Gadgets360)
Billionaire investor and philanthropist Paul Tudor Jones, who’s been a vocal Bitcoin backer in the past has stated that the popular crypto-asset is his preferred inflation hedge over gold. The founder of hedge fund Tudor Investment Corp. mentioned at an interview that Bitcoin is currently “winning the race against gold.” Jones referred to inflation as “the number one issue facing investors” and in connection said that there was clearly a place for crypto in investor portfolios. Jones also said went on to mention that he has a single-digit percentage allocation of cryptocurrencies in his personal portfolio.

Gordian Capital Chooses SS&C to Support Leading Alternatives Platform (Hedge Week)
SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc (Nasdaq: SSNC) has been chosen by Gordian Capital, an Asian institutional fund management platform, with AUM of USD7 billion, to expand its relationship with SS&C Technologies Holdings in Singapore and Japan. The platform, which leverages SS&C GlobeOp for fund administration, has added the Eze Investment Suite to its stack to support trading, portfolio and risk management. As a result, Gordian Capital will now take advantage of the integrated solution in Singapore and Japan, consisting of 25 hedge, private equity, real estate and fund-of-funds.

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