Former Apple Inc. (AAPL) Creative Guru is a ‘Huge Fan’ of Management Shakeup

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is seemingly discussed by everyone with a pulse these days, but there are few moments when an opinion with truly resounding insight is actually given. On Bloomberg TV today, viewers were treated with a short interview from Ken Segall, who is described as “the man credited with creating the iMac brand.” On his personal website, Segall shares a bevy of marketing analyses on everything from Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL)‘s intriguing ad campaign to the skeuomorphism debate.

On Bloomberg, Segall discusses three things: (1) the iPad Mini, (2) the recent management shakeup, and (3) the new Apple headquarters. Regarding the first point, the former creative guru had this to say:

“Part of me was a little incredulous about it because Steve Jobs had spoken publicly that a 7-inch screen was not the way to go. Apple has this really simple way of selling things, and other companies make things a lot more complicated than necessary. So you could say that adding the Mini to the iPad line suddenly creates that extra decision point.”

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)

On the recent management changes in Cupertino, Segall applauded Apple, sharing that:

” Tim Cook recently shook up Apple management and I’m a huge fan of it because Apple has always said that its advantage was the integration of hardware and software, and yet the guys who were in charge of these different things, like Scott Forstall, who was the iOS guy, and Johnny Ive, who was the hardware guy, did not see eye to eye on interface issues.”

Regarding plans for the new Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) HQ, which has been described as a “Spaceship” by many because of its circular shape, a square footage of nearly three million feet, and its ability to generate its own power to name a few reasons. On the structure, Segall says he “would love to visit,” and says that “it might not be a bad idea to have Apple fans have their place of worship.”

On the whole, Segall is saying what we’ve heard before, but it is especially interesting to learn his take on the management shakeup. Coming from a man who worked directly with Steve Jobs at AAPL and NeXT, everybody should be compelled to listen. Let us know your thoughts on Segall’s interview in the comments section below.