Facebook Inc (FB): A Picture Worth 1,000 Words … And Comments?

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is certainly trying to stay with the curve, if not ahead of it. Though the company still boasts 1 billion users of its social network,  there have been several surveys lately that have shown that  the numbers of regular visitors to Facebook  has been dropping of late, especially with teens. And that may very well threaten the future of Facebook, since teens are our future in just about everything (Lord help us, we know).

Facebook Inc. (FB)The folks at Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) seem to be aware of the paradigm shift, and have lately been moving to improve the overall look of the platform. Perhaps in a quixotic attempt to make the platform look more appealing – as if that is one of the reasons that users are bailing – Facebook has recently announced  that it would be adding video advertisements to its News Feed, and then there is speculation that the “big idea” Facebook is touting at a press event

Thursday morning may have something to do with Facebook property Instagram adding video to its platform; and nwo there is a new  announcement regarding images that seem like they are designed to break up all the “gray” that one might see on their News Feed.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) announced early Thursday – separate from the press event – that the platform will soon be rolling out the ability to post images in our comment threads.

And by that we mean post directly into a comment with a photo file, rather than the work-around that currently goes on with placing links in comments that happen to have an image attached to the linked item. Now, just like posting photos as posts or as part of posts, commenters can now respond with either their own standalone photo or can easily add a photo to a comment. Facebook says this concept will roll out over several weeks, so may not have the ability yet, but some of your friends might.

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