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Today, I am going to share the name of the one of the cheapest stocks in the market. This isn’t a stock teaser. You can find the name of this stock below. It’s your gift from Insider Monkey and it is totally free. A month ago I emailed the following message to our free subscribers. You can subscribe below and get stock picks like this before the general public:

This is Dr. Inan Dogan. I am Insider Monkey’s co-founder and research director. I recommend a portfolio of stock picks in Insider Monkey’s monthly newsletter since March 2017. This portfolio of stock picks returned more than 212% since then, vs. 89.8 gain for the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) during the same period. My stock picks beat the market by more than 122 percentage points in a little over 4 years.

A year ago I predicted the arrival of coronavirus pandemic at the end of February and sent our subscribers an email alert. During the depths of the coronavirus pandemic I sent another email alert and shared one of the stocks that recommended to our monthly newsletter subscribers: Tenet Healthcare (THC). Tenet Healthcare shares traded at $13 on that day. THC shares trade at $65 today.

In October 2020, I sent another email alert and shared another of my stock picks with our email subscribers: Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT). This stock was trading at $6.30 at the time. Today, ESRT shares trade at $11.95.

I was able to outperform the S&P 500 Index ETFs by 122 percentage points since March 2017 by identifying promising investment ideas like THC and ESRT. I am not always right, but I am right on average.

Earlier today I published the new issue of Insider Monkey’s monthly newsletter and recommended another PROMISING investment idea. If I am right about this stock, it should DOUBLE some time in 2021.

This is a very interesting story. The stock I am recommending today is a biotech stock that had around $40 million in cash, and sold around 50% of the royalty stream of a drug that it owns for $67.5 million a few weeks ago. Yet, the stock’s market cap is around $105 million.

This means this stock is trading for less than the cash it has on its books.

That’s not it though.

Back in November this stock was trading for less than $50 million in market value and a smart hedge fund manager bought 40% of the outstanding shares within a few days. He paid an average of $16 per share for his large stake and offered to buy the rest of the company for $50 per share.

Today, this stock is trading at $23 per share.

This hedge fund manager also launched an activist campaign to obtain 2 board seats and force the board to sell the company to the highest bidder.

I believe that since he already owns 40% of the shares and needs only a little more support from the other shareholders to obtain the majority support for his proposal, he will be ultimately successful and buy the company for $50 per share. If you buy the stock today at $23, your potential upside is 100%.

Nothing is guaranteed in the investing business. I own some shares in this stock and support the sale of this company, however, other shareholders may decide otherwise or the management may decide to fight this takeover in court and may delay the acquisition. That’s why I believe our downside risk is 50%.

Since this stock offers an asymmetric risk-reward combination, I recommended a long position in this stock to our monthly newsletter subscribers today.

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By the way, the stock I was talking about is Aptevo Therapeutics (APVO). This stock idea is Insider Monkey’s free gift to you. We have 22 other stock recommendations in our monthly newsletter’s portfolio right now. These stocks also returned 21.1% during the first 4 months of 2021 and handily outperformed the S&P 500 Index. Subscribe Now.

So, my new free stock pick is Aptevo Therapeutics (APVO). The company will have its annual meeting in less than two weeks and its shareholders will vote on a non-binding proposal to sell the company. There are three outcomes. First, the shareholders reject this proposal. This is highly unlikely. Second, shareholders approve the proposal, but the management drags its feet until the next annual meeting where they will be voted out. Third, shareholders approve the proposal and the management reaches an agreement with Tang Capital to sell the company. The first scenario will lead to a $10 stock price. The second scenario will lead to a $50 share price in a year. The third scenario will lead to a $50 share price in a few short months. I think the third scenario is likely and Aptevo will increase close to $50 over the next few months. The stock currently trades at $26 and returned more than 10% since I sent the above email alert to our subscribers. Again, if you want to receive these FREE email alerts in a timely fashion, please subscribe to our daily newsletter by entering your email address below:

Disclosure: I personally own shares of APVO and plan to add to my position if the share price keeps trading at a large discount.