Cryptocurrency News Today: Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and More

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Bitcoin Core New Version: Soon to Include SegWit (
In the next few days, the Bitcoin Core version 0.16.0 is set to launch. The new code will make the SegWit style transactions available for all users. At the moment, nothing is promised on the qualities of the network, or the fees. But SegWit transactions will move from being a voluntary feature available only for some services, to being included in the core version. The version was scheduled for October 2017, but the milestone is still 98% complete, and may launch soon. No official due date was given on GitHub. At the moment, only a pre-release build is available for testing.

Bitcoin Price Soars as US Threatens Cryptocurrency Laws – Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple Also Up as Crypto-Comeback Continues (
The price of Bitcoin is still on the up today having shot up in value by almost half over the past week. One Bitcoin is now worth about $11,500, but seven days ago it was valued at just over $8,000. Litecoin has also increased in price by more than 50% in the last week to reach a new price of more than $240, with Ethereum recording a smaller increase to hit $950. Ripple enjoyed a smaller rise in price and is now sitting at $1.14. The continued crypto-bounceback comes as US lawmakers consider new rules or laws to govern the notoriously volatile digital money markets.

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Venezuela’s Own Oil-backed Cryptocurrency is Available for Presale Today (
Venezuela launched the presale of its own cryptocurrency, the petro, today. There are currently 82 million tokens available, which the government plans to follow with an initial coin offering (ICO) launch in a month. It’s the world’s first sovereign cryptocurrency, built on the Ethereum blockchain and intended in part to save the country from wild inflation. The bolivar has reached quadruple-figure inflation recently, and one bolivar is currently worth 0.00004 USD.

Tesla’s Cloud Hacked, Used to Mine Cryptocurrency (
Hackers infiltrated Tesla’s cloud environment and stole computer resources to mine for cryptocurrency, according to the security firm RedLock. According to a report released on Tuesday detailing cloud security threats, RedLock’s Cloud Security Intelligence team—yes, its CSI team—notified Tesla of the intrusion and the vulnerability was addressed. The electric vehicle company was reportedly running one of hundreds of open-source systems the CSI team found accessible online without password protection. The exposure allowed hackers to access Tesla’s Amazon cloud environment, RedLock said.

Cyber Attackers are Cashing in on Cryptocurrency Mining – But Here’s Why They’re Avoiding Bitcoin (
Cryptocurrency mining malware has emerged as a key methof of criminal hackers making money – so why aren’t they targeting the most valuable blockchain-based currency of them all? A quick glance at some of the key trends in cyber security during the first months of 2018 and its clear that cryptocurrency mining has become a new target for cyber criminals. While ransomware remains a popular method for some criminals to generate income, the cyptocurrency craze has caught the imagination of cyber attackers, with regular reports of cryptocurrency mining malware regularly surfacing. Everything from smartphones, to PCs and servers have been infiltrated by hackers, who exploit their processing power to secretly mine cryptocurrency; some schemes have been known to generate millions.

Announcing mCoin: The First Inclusive Cryptocurrency Accessible Outside the Domain of the Internet (
Introducing mCoin (, the first cryptocurrency accessible on any mobile. mCoin is a unique first of a kind inclusive cryptocurrency, that makes it possible for the 3 billion people around the world who don’t have access to the Internet to take advantage of new kinds of services tied to blockchain technology. mCoin is powered by ONEm’s ( Global and scalable Platform, which has the ability to reach billions of people around the world even through traditional mobile without the Internet.

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