Cryptocurrency News Today: Qbix, Vice Industry Token (VIT), SDEX, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and More

Apple: Cryptocurrency-Mining Software QBIX Sneaks onto the Mac App Store (
Cryptocurrency-mining software has been discovered on the Apple Mac Store, hiding in a Calendar application with hundreds of thousands of downloads. Users of the macOS software, developed by a company called Qbix, voiced frustration as their computer speeds tanked after using the program, dubbed “Calendar 2.” Analysts found the feature had slipped past Apple’s internal security procedures and was designed to mine a cryptocurrency known as Monero. The crypto-mining option does not appear to have been entirely malicious and was clearly advertised to users as a way to access premium content for no cost.

A New Start Up Wants To Pay You To Watch Porn – There’s Just One Tiny Catch (
Another day, another cryptocurrency – although this time, there’s a particularly interesting deal on the cards. Vice Industry Token (VIT) will effectively pay you for looking at online porn. Sound too good to be true? Well, there’s a catch, as you no doubt anticipated. The payoff is that you will be handing over more and more of your precious data. On top of that, you will be paid in a digital coin that you can only spend on more porn. Damn, the Internet is a weird place. Like most of those cryptocurrencies you have been hearing about recently, most notably Bitcoin, VIT uses a blockchain. Essentially, this is a way to ensure all transactions are verifiable and permanent by using a public ledger of transactions that is secured using cryptography.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Pixabay/Public Domain

Stellar (XLM) SDEX Project Will Help It Surpass Ethereum in the Nearby Future (
The SDEX Project: In case you didn’t know, Stellar (XLM) published its 2018 Roadmap which included two goals. The first goal was to officially launch the Stellar Decentralized Exchange platform and the second one was to improve the XLM token by making it faster and cheaper. The team that is in charge of these two goals is called SDEX. This team is filled with cryptocurrency veterans and they all working to build a “front-end for Stellar’s inherent decentralized exchange”. There are already 11 pairs of SDEX and the list is expected to expand during the upcoming months. Therefore, Stellar (XLM) will surely see a price spike once the SDEX project is finished.

Litecoin Price Prediction Today: Litecoin Might Soar Higher After Gaining 4000% / March 13, 2018 (
Irrespective of the positive noises, currently Litecoin is in a downtrend. It has fallen by approximately 13% in the last 7 days. According to the inventor of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, Litecoin needs to consolidate. Only when it consolidates at the present levels, it will be able to move ahead. He is trying to reduce the excitement around Litecoin. Litecoin has already rallied by approximately 4000%. This is the reason why he believes that it needs to consolidate.

Goldman Sachs Warns of Bitcoin Going Under $6000 (
Goldman Sachs analysts panicked Sunday, March 12 as Bitcoin’s volatility caused them to forecast a return to recent lows below $6000. Goldman Fears ‘Impulsive Decline’: In a note to clients, the global giant’s technical analysis team led by Sheba Jafari pointed the blame at market uncertainty thought to have begun from Mt. Gox trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi’s recent sell-offs. Having broken below $9210 Sunday, ultimately reaching closer to $8400, Bitcoin faced a potential freefall to $5922, the team claimed, with little support in between. “The break is significant as implies potential for a more impulsive decline,” Jafari wrote quoted by Business Insider.