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Michael Owen To Launch Own Cryptocurrency (
Former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker Michael Owen is launching a cryptocurrency in his own name, joining other famous sportsmen including Manny Pacquiao in a new venture to connect with fans. The retired England star announced Wednesday his investment in the Singapore-based Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) as he unveiled the “Owen Coin”. The celebrity tokens will allow fans to buy merchandise such as personal training videos, make donations to charities and even interact with the ex-sportsman via live-streaming.

Cask Coin: First ‘Whisky-Based’ Cryptocurrency Is Launched (
As the strangest of companies – from juice bars and vaping rooms to adult content media and even camera enterprises – seek to get in on the action of digital currency, there’s a race to see just how many different kinds of crypto-asset the market can bear. Now, the North of Scotland Distilling Company is releasing what they call “Cask Coin”, the first digital asset with a value based on… whisky.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Pixabay/Public Domain

DNotes Launches Version 2.0, Cryptocurrency With Interest (
DNotes 2.0, as it’s known, just recently went into Alpha Pre-Release, and represents what the company behind it is calling “a significant upgrade of the original DNotes currency introduced in 2014.” Backed up by blockchain technology, DNotes 2.0 boasts a set of new features and capabilities. First among these is that DNotes will no longer use the “proof-of-work” concept, turning instead to “proof-of-stake” in a bid to keep mining operations from becoming centralized and previous stakeholders from having their influence reduced.

Top 10 Advantages of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange STeX (
Cryptocurrency exchange STeX has introduced a decentralized advanced crypto coin platform bringing liquidity and prices from all major exchanges in one place. Coin holders can now trade cross-rates among coins directly. In effect, if any two coins are listed on STeX, investor can trade one against the other directly, which enables thousands of pair trades that weren’t available on the market before. STeX team developed proprietary virtualization technology and named it A2A (Any2Any). A2A solves the cross-coin exchange problems common for the customers of other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Startup Claims BMW Partnership, but BMW Disagrees (
Fledgling cryptocurrency startup carVertical made waves after announcing last week that the company had struck a partnership with BMW that would see the two parties build the “first ever connected reports for cars.” But it appears the company might have misrepresented its relationship with the German automobile titan after all. BMW has taken to Twitter to clarify that it currently has no formal partnership with carVertical. It further claimed the cryptocurrency startup – which aims to build a decentralized car history registry on the blockchain – is merely “using” the BMW CarData interface “available to any third party.”