Blue Hawk Investment Group LLC’s Q2 2019 Commentary

Blue Hawk Investment Group, LLC is a Virginia-based investment management company that manages that Blue Hawk Fundamental Growth Fund, LP. Managed by Jake DuBois, the said fund provides an alternative stream of attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors. Before starting Blue Hawk in 2016, DuBois led Darden Capital Management, a student-run investment club. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Emory University and a Master’s Degree from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

Blue Hawk announced a 3.34% net return for the second quarter in their recent Investor Letter – a copy of which can be downloaded below. The said return compares to the 1.6% return for Equity Long-Short Funds, 1.62% for Fundamental Growth Hedge Funds, and 3.78% for the S&P 500.

“Dear Investor,

The Q2 2019 net return for the fund was 3.34%. This compares to a return of 1.60% for Equity Long Short Funds, 1.62% for Fundamental Growth Hedge Funds2 and 3.78% for the S&P 500. We touch on our performance goals and how we evaluate performance later in the letter.

We have a few updates we would like to share. First, we are pleased to share the news that we extended an offer to last year’s summer intern and Mayo Fellow Michael (Mike) Kellett and he has since accepted. Mike will be joining us from the UVA Darden School of Business (Darden) MBA Program. His first day will be August 27th . We are looking forward to having him on board.

Next, we are excited to be hosting a Summer Intern and Mayo Alternative Investment Fellow for the second consecutive year. As a reminder, the Fellowship, administered by Darden, is a highly selective program that seeks to pair some of the most talented MBA students with a passion for investing with leading alternative investing institutions. Our intern/fellow, Church Waesche, began on May 29th and is hard at work on the Payments industry. We are happy to host Church for the summer and have confidence he will rise to the challenge in this rapidly changing industry.

Furthermore, with our 3-year track record in sight, typically a big milestone for funds, we thought to it to be a good time to provide an update on our traction thus far. After receiving subscriptions of $1 million and $250,000 from existing investors – timing that is not lost on us – almost all of our initial investors have increased their investments, for which we are quite proud. In addition, despite our small size, we have developed quite a strong following – close to 50 institutional investors representing between $150 billion to $175 billion in assets based on our estimates. While we are very humbled by the interest, our focus remains on continuing to provide top notch returns for our investors.

Finally, in late September/early October, we plan to hit the road as we did last year to visit many of you in person with a focus on North Carolina up through Connecticut and potentially Boston. I will be in touch once I finalize dates. I’m open to additional stops if there is demand so please reach out if interested (and outside the East Coast).

This quarter’s letter is heavier than usual on Blue Hawk related updates. We have a lot we would like to share and limited room. We are happy to discuss specific holdings with investors offline if there’s interest or in person when we visit.”

You can download a copy of Blue Hawk Investment Group LLC’s Q2 2019 Commentary here:

Blue Hawk Investment Group LLC Q2 2019 Investor Letter

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