The 7 Most Liberal Cities in the US

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We recently took a look at the US’s 10 Most Liberal States, now we’ll take a look at the most Liberal cities in the US, many of which come from those blue-bleeding states. Many people assume that big cities equal liberal cities, that the South is Conservative and the North is Liberal, but that’s not always the case. There are a myriad of factors that go into figuring out which really are the most Liberal cities in the US. Forbes recently conducted a study that ranked those cities with a size of at least 250,000 people based on how representative the governments of major cities reflect their citizens beliefs.

The basis for the rankings on this list differ from the aforementioned study only in that they also factor in the education in these cities and in particular the Universities. I believe that being a Liberal city is not just a matter of voting Democratic or Republican, but rather the overall feel of a city, and the educated youth greatly influence a city’s tendencies.

Sick of hearing about how Ronald Reagan was the best thing to ever happen to America? Looking to move to a city with more like-minded Liberal thinking people such as yourself? Or looking to steer clear of Liberal hives and spout your Conservative mores among like-minded souls? Then this list is for you! Lets take a look at the seven most Liberal cities in the US.

7. San Francisco, CA

This ranking should come as no surprise. With the most famous hippie infused Liberal minded neighborhood in the country in Haight-Ashbury, and a population that has fought for freedoms such as Gay Rights, San Francisco has established itself as a Liberal metropolis. Moreover, with great and Liberal thinking schools in Cal. Berkeley and Stanford nearby, the youth furthers these ideals that embody the region.


6. Washington D.C.

If you’ve lived in America I’m sure at some point you’ve heard the phrase ‘Every Vote Counts,’ and the DC region is no exception. When you have a city that revolves around politics, you have people that debate these issues to no end. The result of this has become an incredibly Liberal area full of people fighting for reform in all different walks of life.


5. Boston, MA

While this may not surprise everyone, I certainly didn’t plan on ranking Boston this high going into the making of this list. I generally think of Massachusetts to be a conservative stronghold, but Boston is a prime example of why the education within a city must be taken into account. With Harvard, Tufts, M.I.T., Northeastern, and Boston University, you have some of the brightest and most Liberal thinking individuals inhabiting the city. These minds help shape Boston as a Liberal city that embraces discussion of touchy topics and allows for people to be heard.


4. Seattle, WA

The Upper Northwest has the feel of a Liberal region. With an abundance of startups and eco-friendly companies to go with its diverse population, it’s no surprise that Seattle comes in as the 4th most Liberal city.


Our top three most Liberal cities in the US can count among its ranks the greatest city in the world, as you’ll see on the next page.

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