Best Stories on Reddit Today

Best stories on Reddit today:

1. Just suffer through this racist confrontation. It’s the sickening exchange with a justice seeker reporter and a racist homeowner. You’ll want to skip it but just stay with me. It’s 89 seconds long and worth it.

2. This guy did the right thing by pulling a gun on medical professionals.

3. World Nomad Games, this lady is fucking awesome:

4. I’m not sure this is a true love story when the black guy’s a prince. If she were a white princess, or if the black guy was an everman. Why are people so impressed by this?

5. It’s been my experience that men are assholes and women are assholes. So this story is great and all but I’ve found that women do a lot to oppress one another in the workplace. Only space for a few gals at the top so they push one another out of the way. But good for these women to do the right thing :

6. Donald Trump meets Little Miss Flint at a Flint, MI church – just open it!

7. Ancient bear hunting getup would have been more useful in war –

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