Best Paid TV Actresses of 2014

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Last year was possibly one of the most favourable for women in the entertainment industry and the best paid TV actresses of 2014 are a testimony to this. Not only did women receive challenging roles in movies, but especially television production studios have been catering to screenwriters’ more feminist approach by hiring the best talents and paying them accordingly. From comedy, to drama, to thrillers, Hollywood certainly has its leading ladies in each field, and in some cases, they receive higher compensation for their work than their male cast mates.

If you’re trying to break into the business and are wondering what the best paid jobs in the film industry are, check out our previous article on that subject. Rest assured that acting is certainly one of the preferable options, but keep in mind that it can take years until you catch a big break. However, the ladies on this list prove that with determination, talent, and a little luck, you can reach the best paid actresses of 2014 podium.

7. Kerry Washington

2014 earnings: $6 million

It’s not that Kerry Washington wasn’t a familiar face before landing the lead role in Scandal, but the hit TV show really helped boost her income. Not only did her interpretation of Olivia Pope increase her fan base significantly, but it also made her a target for endorsement deals, which she closed with Neutrogena and Movado last year. And another bonus of 2014: Washington married her boyfriend Nmandi Asomugha, as well as giving birth to her daughter.

6. Mindy Kaling

2014 earnings: $6.5 million

Perhaps what amazes us most about Mindy Kaling is that with 34 years, she’s managed to take on a wide variety of projects almost simultaneously, and has been successful in all of them. As the writer, producer, and leading actress in her show The Mindy Project, she showcases her comedic talent, while still receiving profits from her time on The Office. However, her syndication deal with Hulu Plus and endorsement deal with XFinity also add some hefty cash to her bank account.

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