Bellatrix Exploration Ltd (BXE), Altisource Asset Management Corp (AAMC), Bolt Technology Corp. (BOLT): Hedge Funds’ Latest Moves

Daniel Lewis, the manager of Orange Capital, is still bullish on Bellatrix Exploration Ltd (NYSEMKT:BXE) and has further increased his fund’s stake in the company. According to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Lewis has added 1.88 million shares to Orange Capital’s previous position, taking it to 14.1 million shares or 7.4% of the common stock. In another filing, Christian Leone‘s Luxor Capital Group has revealed the addition of 12,272 shares of Altisource Asset Management Corp (NYSEMKT:AAMC) in three transactions at a price of $700 apiece. As a result, Luxor Capital now controls roughly 310,000 shares of the company, but also have an option for 120,000 Shares issuable upon the conversion of Preferred Stock. GAMCO Investors has also revealed a recent move: Mario Gabelli has initiated a position in Bolt Technology Corp. (NASDAQ:BOLT) through the acquisition of approximately 737,000 shares or 8.46% of the company’s common stock.

Mario Gabelli

Mark Rachesky is a fan of Bellatrix Exploration Ltd (NYSEMKT:BXE) too, and has initiated a position for his fund, MHR Fund Management, during the second quarter of this year. The fund now owns 530,000 shares worth approximately $4.6 millions, as reported in its latest 13F filing. Israel Englander is also bullish and has considerably increased his fund’s stake during the same period of time. Millennium Management reportedly holds 368,700 shares valued at approximately $3.21 million.

Brian Jackelow and his fund, SAB Capital Management, are also invested in Altisource Asset Management Corp (NYSEMKT:AAMC), but have chosen to reduce their exposure to the stock by 2%. In its latest 13F filing, SAB Capital has disclosed control over 219,300 shares worth in excess of $158 million. Ben Gambill, the manager of Tiger Eye Capital, has dumped 22% of his holding of the stock during Q2, taking it to 92,500 shares valued at approximately $66.9 million.

Billionaire investor Ken Griffin also likes Bolt Technology Corp. (NASDAQ:BOLT) and has upped his investment in the company by 55% during the second quarter. His fund, Citadel Investment Group, reportedly holds 32,117 shares worth $589,000. Hedge fund guru Jim Simons is invested too: Renaissance Technologies has reported ownership of 215,145 shares valued at $3.94 million. From the institutional investors we track, Ariel Investments, run by John W. Rogers, holds the largest investment in Bolt Technology Corp. (NASDAQ:BOLT): 552,100 shares worth more than $10 million.

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