Are We at War With North Korea? The 10 Most Terrifying YouTube Videos

Are we at war with North Korea? The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), as North Korea is officially known, has once again locked horns with The United States and the rest of the U.N. nations over nuclear armament issues, which has lead to tension in the entire Korea Peninsula.

During the first week of March this year, North Korea threatened to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against South Korea and its allied United States, and this is not the first time North Korea has issued such bold threats. Within a week after that, North Korea also snapped the hot-line linkage, the only communication channel it had with South Korea. On the top of it, the North Korean Government, on the 30th of March, officially declared that the country is “in a state of war” with South Korea. The current trajectory we are on makes us wonder about the intentions behind such moves.

Let’s find out more about it. When answering the question, “Are we at war with North Korea?” it’s important to realize that the traditional answer to this question is, “No, of course not.” On the psychological battlefield–Dennis Rodman aside–though, it appears that we’re already in a conflict, and the advent of online video-sharing through technologies like YouTube allows such actions to proliferate.

Now, the United States has demanded that North Korea will have to show its intentions to abandon its nuclear development before both sides can get into any kind of discussion. On the flip side, North Korea reiterated once again that it would not stop its nuclear development programs, but is ready to disarm the weapons if talks between two countries initiate.

NK leaders are also demanding that the country should be recognized as a nuclear power and the sanctions imposed on it should be lifted. These sanctions were imposed by the United Nations after North Korea conducted its third nuclear test in February earlier this year.

Many analysts and U.S. officials believe that this propaganda by the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, is nothing more than an attempt to gain publicity. Amid all these words or war, a barrage of threat-centric videos released by North Korea are becoming quite popular, and the discussion around the subject is gaining traction.

After seeing these videos, you should be able to answer who really is at war with North Korea. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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