Are These Hedge Funds Behind Yesterday’s Market Crash?

Yesterday’s market crash was huge. We wondered which hedge fund managers are behind this crash and estimated each hedge fund’s losses. These are approximate numbers and don’t necessarily mean that these hedge funds got margin calls and had to sell their holdings. Most hedge funds are hedged to a certain degree, so it is possible that they didn’t sell a single share yesterday. We track 300+ hedge funds and a few mutual funds. These numbers used their 13F holdings at the end of March and excluded put options and bond holdings. Their portfolios may be quite different right now (which is usually not the case though because we track relatively stable funds with long term investments). By the way, please check out our related articles on the same topic: 25 Best Performing Hedge Funds In This Turmoil and These Hedge Funds May Be Blowing Up Right Now.

The long positions of these 25 funds lost $77 Billion during the past 2 weeks. Here are the hedge funds that may be behind yesterdays’ market crash: