An Interesting Google Inc (GOOG) Smart Watch Connection

Many consumers are waiting to see what the smart watch industry is growing into before making a purchase. Which companies are going to become most heavily invested? Which device is going to offer the most in terms of features and benefits? While Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has jumped into the wearable device industry, thanks to Google Glass, it has yet to bring a smart watch to market.

An Interesting Google Inc (GOOG) Smart Watch Connection

Does this mean the search engine giant is keeping out of this space for good? Absolutely not. In fact, it has an interesting connection to Sony Mobile Communication and its new SmartWatch 2 that was launched in June 2013.

This smart watch, launched as a successor to its LiveView watch, is gaining steam in markets throughout the world. It provides a high level of features, including a larger display than its predecessor, NFC support, waterproof abilities, and higher resolution.

Where does Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Fit in?

As noted by Danny Kuo of Digitimes Research, in order to use the SmartWatch 2, users need to connect it to an Android smartphone. Hello Google!

In other words, Google is a big winner every time somebody purchases a Sony SmartWatch 2. If these people are going to use the watch to the best of its abilities, they will need to have an Android smartphone device.

According to Digitimes Research, Sony is in position to sell roughly one million LiveView smart watches each year. This volume made the device the most  popular smart watch in the world. However, with the SmartWatch 2, things are changing just a bit.

With the help of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Android’s 70 percent share of the smartphone market, the SmartWatch 2 from Sony will rely heavily on its relationship with Google.

This relationship could go either way. If things work out, Google Android smartphone users will realize the benefits of buying a SmartWatch 2. On the other side of things, users of other devices may never consider this smart watch. On top of this, some may feel that buying a watch and carrying a smartphone is counterproductive.

What are your thoughts on this relationship between Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Sony? Will it work out for both companies? Or will the Sony SmartWatch 2 be a bust?

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