An Exclusive Interview with Leading Instagram Model Cherry Dana

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook (FB) have pioneered brand reach in various ways in the past decade. From influencer marketing to social eCommerce, individuals with significant followers have become an indispensable part of any brand outreach program. We spoke to the Instagram model and influencer Cherry Dana to understand how the journey to fame and fortune unfolds for individuals. Cherry is a beautiful and multi-faceted woman from Australia who started her career as a professional dancer and rose to prominence as a successful entrepreneur, influencer, and leading Instagram model with more than one million followers.

Cherry Dana

Q: Cherry, please tell us briefly about yourself.

A: My actual name is Dana Grigg, and I grew up in a large, close-knit family in Newcastle, Australia. Ever since a young age, I have aspired to become a professional dancer, and at the age of 19, I moved to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to pursue my dream.

Q: What led you to change your career from professional dancer to modeling?

A: My career trajectory changed literally by accident. After my stint in Mexico, I shifted base to Sydney and enrolled in a full-time program to study dance and fitness. But due to my injuries, I could no longer continue dancing. Searching for new avenues, I took up social media and launched myself under the name @cherrydana27. I worked hard on building my portfolio, which attracted a lot of admirers. My profile scaled significantly, leading to brand endorsements and a brilliant opportunity as an influencer.

Q: You have established your name successfully in the entertainment industry. What inspired you to start your business venture.

A: My popularity opened several doors for expansion, and I seized the opportunity by launching a dating TV show, Come Date with Me, which grabbed eyeballs and resulted in increasing my fan base. This proved advantageous to establish my brand online with the websites – and explores a diverse range of topics such as dating, relationships, sex, mental health, comedy, and personal wellness. The subscribers to my websites receive exciting, exclusive, and intimate content and can also purchase merchandise.

Q: What do you attribute your success to?

A: Recognizing the business potential and challenging myself to become a formidable influencer is what I like the most about myself. Also, being authentic with my content has helped me connect with my audience on social media platforms. I believe in embracing a positive mindset to juggle the different roles and overcome every obstacle with panache.

Q: How do you intend to take your influencer and Instagram model journey to the next level?

A: I will soon launch a new website that will be an extension to Cherrydtv. This venture will focus on elevating ‘Cherry Dana’ as a brand.